Do You Know What The Dry Mode of The Air Conditioner Is For?

How many of you use Airplane mode on their phones? Do you really use it for that purpose? Or do you put it on silent? or Maybe do not disturb? It’s basically the same thing, right? While certain features are built on those devices they are there for a certain reason.  It has its own purpose. Just like our air conditioning in our homes or office. We are really not aware of all the advantages that this appliance can offer. One of them is the Dry mode.

Each business, office, or home has a different environment depending on its location, orientation, distribution, or square meters. Therefore, its characteristics and needs will be different from each other. And that is an aspect that must be taken into account when putting this appliance to work.

For this reason, we want you to know what is dry mode on air conditioner and what this system that is incorporated in some of these devices is for.

What is Dry Mode on Air Conditioner?

Dry mode is one of the many functions that we can find in air conditioners. The main objective of this mode is to eliminate humidity. Therefore, we can say that it acts as a dehumidifier.

What is Dry Mode on Air Conditioner

On many occasions, the humidity conditions found in homes are adequate. But in old buildings or areas where there is a lot of rain, such as in humid climates, they can create an environment that is not very suitable for our health.

Turning on the Dry mode will eliminate these problems and dehumidify the environment.


On the other hand, it helps to keep the space of the room in good condition, such as the walls and the ceiling. Excess humidity can cause stains and mold to appear both on the walls and on the floor of a room, causing the room to deteriorate and can cause respiratory problems. Additionally,  pests are attracted to moist environments. . By simply turning on the dryer more, you can visit them.

With this mode we not only get the air to be cleaner, but we also get a feeling of light freshness, because it eliminates the discomfort of a hot and humid environment.

As we know, one of the most unknown functions that an air conditioner has is the Dry mode , but believe it or not, it is not something from the other world, since this mode makes the device act as a dehumidifier.

The main objective of this function is to air-condition the home while simultaneously eliminate any humidity, but especially this mode is used more than everything in buildings and in areas that have a rainy or humid climate.

How does the Dry mode on AC work?

Although this mode works as a dehumidifier, it also helps to air-condition any room. Though, it does not run the ventilation system perfectly as the cool mode would do, if we activate Dry it will be possible to reduce both the temperature of the place where the air conditioning is located and the humidity. All this is because in this mode the ventilation speed will decrease, but it will still cool the space a bit, causing a reduction in humidity.


This mode will not allow you to air condition your home or office as the most usual mode that can be applied in an air conditioner would, but it gives you better advantages such as:

  • Air dehumidification, reduces dust that can trigger allergies so that your environment feels less oppressive and stuffy to breathe.
  • Protects your belongings that it provides to the spaces to keep them always dry since humidity can give the room the appearance of mold and paint loss.
  • Thanks to this mode, the air will feel dehumidified, making it fresher, so breathing will be healthier and safer.

When is it advisable to use this mode?

Dry mode function is mostly used during rainy days or high humidity as this type of climate means there is a high level of moisture and this mode keeps the room cool and dry by making the air dry. This mode will be the solution and the one indicated to use. But if the enclosure remains dry it will be a mistake to use it. In short, it is a mode that, in general, no one uses, but knowing the main purpose of it you will see how it behaves and works in the room you are in. 

Dry or Cool mode?

Everything will depend on the weather and temperature. If the temperatures are very high outside and the temperature inside the room needs to be lowered, the cool mode can be used, but if the temperature is calm or calm outside and the humidity is very high inside, the Dry mode will be the solution, since with this you can dehumidify, clean and cool the environment.

What is the difference between Dry mode and Cool mode?

The Cool mode will be the most suitable if the temperatures outside are high and we need to reduce the temperature inside the room considerably. But if the temperature is moderate and the humidity in the room is high, we must opt ​​for the Dry mode because it can cool, clean, and dehumidify the environment. 

An important aspect to bear in mind is that this mode of air conditioning cannot be compared to a real dehumidifier. Therefore, if you need to eliminate a high level of humidity, surely the dry mode will not meet your expectations, but you will achieve healthier and more comfortable air if the climate is moderate.


We hope by going through this article on “What is Dry Mode on Air Conditioner” you have got clear idea on the system and how it works. If you know any interesting fact on Dry or Cool Modes feel free to share in the comment box. Do you live near Sugar Land, TX area? Then reach out to us for profession Air Conditioning services that your home or office might need.

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