Air Conditioning Repair Sugar Land

Billy HVAC’s Professional Air  Conditioning Sugar Land has been putting its skills at your service since 1999 to install, maintain, fix, or replace your ac system. We advise you in choosing an air conditioning unit adapted to your needs and also to carry out maintenance of your investment.  We work anywhere within the Greater-Houston Area. 

With years of experience, We are masters of our craft.  Our dispatched team can quickly detect the origin of the fault, make an initial diagnosis, and carry out repairs if there is no need for a new part(s) or replacement.  Equipped with excellent professional experience, they will give you all the advice necessary for optimal use of your air conditioning.

When troubleshooting air conditioning, we look at a number of benchmarks.

Dripping on the facade, abnormal noise such as a squeaking, sudden stop, or intermittent operations. These are just a few signs that announce a malfunction of the device.  It is the same if the remote control of your AC is inconsistent, its indicator lights no longer working normally and its circuit breaker is subject to regular breakdowns. 

Maintaining air conditioning is also an important part of our job.

Here  is our services at a glance:

  • Maintenance service for air conditioning split systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Spare parts service

During maintenance, the following are carried out and among other things:

  • Leak test of the refrigerant circuit
  • Check the compressor for performance
  • Check the coolant level
  • Checking and cleaning the condensate drain
  • Control of the cooling temperature
  • System test run
  • Control of control devices and thermostats
  • Maintenance report

If you need a service for Air conditioning repair in Sugar Land TX or anywhere in the Greater-Houston Area. Do not hesitate to contact the professionals of Billy HVAC. We intervene as quickly as possible. Our primary objective is your satisfaction.

An Air conditioning  Installation adapted to your needs

There are different models of indoor units which will be chosen according to your requirements and constraints:

  • Wall units : they are installed in the upper part of a wall and are suitable for individual housing and the small tertiary sector (space saving, ease of use and installation).
  • Consoles : they are placed at the bottom of a wall and can therefore easily replace a radiator.
  • Ceiling lights : they are installed on the ceiling and can be exposed or recessed (in a false ceiling for use in the tertiary sector).
  • The ducts:  consist of a central box hidden in a false ceiling or in the attic, a network of flexible ducts and blowing outlets which diffuse hot or cool air in various rooms. It is therefore an almost invisible system.
  • Air conditioning cabinets  : are suitable for technical rooms: computer rooms, laboratories, etc.
  • Wine cellar air conditioning  : it ensures the correct storage temperature in your wine cellar.

Air conditioning Sugar Land

 Why wait until the last moment to have your air conditioning repaired? Why suffer more? Being uncomfortable in your own home or office sounds very unpleasant and why wait for the probable risk involved that is linked to the emission of gas? Our team can intervene quickly to ensure a trouble-free life and plus we always arrive on your scheduled appointment. Guaranteed!

Our company specializes in the installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning in Sugar Land TX.  Our qualified team supports you in improving your daily life. The risks associated with faulty air conditioning can be serious.  Thus, the intervention of a professional is essential as soon as possible.

An Air conditioning   in Sugar Land  TX that you can rely on anytime

We are always on the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 365 days a year.  Your AC diagnosis is examined quickly and the intervention will be followed.   We do not charge for the trip nor  you will expect hidden fees.   We will be transparent about the pricing of our service, which may vary depending on the complexity of the situation. 

We are your neighborhood Air conditioning Repair in Sugar Land TX.   We will be there for you every step of the way. We do not consider you our client as you are part of our growing family! Call us now  for a free estimate!

Your personalized maintenance after our service

Following the repair of the air conditioning equipment in your home, your office, or your business. We will monitor your machine in order to avoid future breakdowns.

We, therefore, offer you a maintenance contract, for regular and annual monitoring. Of course, you are not bound to agree on the contract as it is your choice whether to subscribe or not. This contract will obviously be personalized based on your needs and will prevent you, in the event of breakage, from paying the labor related to the repair.

In other words, a maintenance contract will save you money and time for years to come! In the event of unforeseen circumstances. Call us and we will confirm your information in our system log, tell us what is wrong and we will be on our way. It’s that easy! Call us for any Air conditioning in Sugar Land now!

Air conditioning Repair Sugar Land TX

Let’s admit it. We don’t know everything and as much as possible we try to fix things on our own to lessen our burden of expenses. However, there are certain things that necessarily require the intervention of a professional who specialized in a certain field. And to be honest, we want to hire the best knowledge they have been doing this for many years and confident with their abilities and skills acquired over time.

Whether for your car or your computer equipment, We only know so much about them until of course a professional comes in and fixes it with ease. The same goes for air conditioning in your home; when properly maintained, your life is better. This is true, we find comfort in our homes. In addition to the various inconveniences associated with poor air conditioning maintenance.

We sometimes observe the appearance of a serious and rare pathology: Legionnaires’ disease this disease doesn’t spread from person-to-person. Instead, the bacteria spread through the atmosphere, such as air from air conditioning units. That being said, Fungi can also grow and thus cause allergies. This is why it is important for an air conditioning system that constantly filters the room air should be cleaned regularly. The function of the indoor and outdoor units should also be checked regularly.

All these factors can cause an unhealthy environment and affect the air quality around you. This can be diagnosed quickly by a professional like us who is an expert in this field. We don’t necessarily need to fix or replace something. It can be as much as a little advice that can make the quality of your air better. Therefore, Do not hesitate to call us when you need an air conditioning service done in Sugar Land or surrounding areas as we also serve mostly the Houston District.


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