5 False Heat Pump Myths

The heat pump began to become a very popular heating system in the US by 1970’s. Its technology and peculiarities have come a long way since then, moreover there is a misperception about this system that makes certain people do not consider it as a valid alternative option now we explain 5 heat pump myths that you should know.

Heat Pump Myths

1. The heat pump only cools.

The heat pump is a thermal machine that achieves a perfect temperature, both in summer and winter, and can also generate hot water, in an easy, economical and environmentally friendly way.

Here in Spain, the heat pump is more famous for its cooling system (air conditioning systems) than for heating, more it can be used for both, according to the needs of each user.

Quite a few people are wary of using a heat pump to heat the house throughout the winter. The heat pump is reversible, it can cool the air in a room by “taking the heat out”, or it can heat a room by bringing heat from outside (no matter how cold it is!).

To heat a room, the heat pump takes air which, for example, is at 0º and cools it down to -10º. These 10º differences are transformed into 10º of heat, positive, which are used to heat your home.

2. They are noisy

For example, if we want to cool a room with a heat pump, the noise levels produced by a modern Split are so low that you will not be able to perceive them. Certain models have a noise level of 18 dB in stealth mode!

You can compare this amount with a normal talk between 2 people at a distance of one meter which gives about 60 dB of noise.

The inverter technology in heat pumps also ensures uniformity that reduces the noise level at the beginning but it must be taken into consideration that it is essential to select a good place to install it.

3. They are not advisable in outdoor temperatures of -20º

The heat pumps have been tested in an independent laboratory at temperatures down to -35º. When it is so cold outside, it continues to emit heat in the home, and they are capable of giving maximum power.

Do you live in an area where winters are generally cold? It is essential to purchasing a heat pump that adapts to extreme conditions with high heat capacity so that it can offer perfect warmth.

false heat pump myths

In areas far north such as Alaska, Minnesota, North Dakota, Maine, and many more the temperatures drop extremely low. Good thing we live in Texas and we don’t have to worry about it!

Not each and every one of the heat pumps can withstand these temperatures, each piece of equipment, and each brand offers specific peculiarities that must be taken into consideration.

The power delivered in heating (kW) offered by some machines is sustained even at extreme temperatures of -7 ° C or -15 ° C and ensures that we will always and at all times have sufficient heating capacity to air-condition our home ( in Spain) without the reinforcement of an external diesel boiler.

The heat load is more powerful in air-to-air heat pumps since they save heat from the lathe that is used throughout defrosting while other pumps allow this temperature to be lost. This helps to maintain a uniform indoor temperature and greater energy efficiency.

4. It is very difficult to recover the investment.

To give you a precise idea of ​​the savings you can achieve through the investment of a heat pump, first make sure what kind of system you have.

5 false heat pump myths

If you only use a direct electric heating system, a new modern heat pump means savings of up to 80% in heating.

If you are transitioning from an old 10-12 year old heat pump model to a more modern system, the savings can be as high as 42%.

A modern heat pump will also provide greater comfort, cleaner air and offer greater calm. In addition, it can also be monitored from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

The most modern models use R32 gas (an environmentally friendly refrigerant that significantly reduces CO2 emissions), thus giving high environmental benefits.

5. It spoils the indoor environment.

Modern heat pumps often come with systems that clean the air and create an optimal indoor environment for those suffering from asthma or allergies by collecting micro-particles such as dust, bacteria, viruses, and providing fresh air. Thanks to these technologies, people feel that the air is more comfortable after having installed a heat pump.

Do you still think that this technology does not make your life easier? As we have mentioned, it is capable of managing heating, cooling and hot water, even if you prefer everything with a single device (which is useful all year round), it does not make noise, it is effective even in extreme temperatures, you save energy (the heat pump is considered a renewable energy)… boy does it have it all!

Do you know more myths or assertions about heat pumps that you think we should highlight?

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