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Texas is no doubt hot, but it's certainly hotter without us. We also just happened to be the coolest team around. There are countless reasons to choose Professional AC Repair Sugar Land. We are the most reliable and trusted source for your Residential and Commercial cooling system. Get in touch with us today!


Heating systems are essential to every homes and businesses. It ensures comfort for all family, customers, and employees.. At Professional AC Repair Sugar Land, we understand that each environment is unique that is why we make it our top priority to find you the best solution that perfectly fits your needs.


Emergencies happen and it can occur anytime. These events are more than of annoyance to everyone. The Professionals at AC Repair Sugar Land can easily provide you the support you need. We are always working around the clock so we can help you out. Call us now so we can get you back to the comfort you deserve!

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If you're looking for a Professional AC Repair in Sugar Land TX you've come to the right place.  Don't just hire anyone, hire the best.

We are the most reliable, and trusted neighborhood Air conditioning and Heating services out there. We provide top-notch quality service to every single customer. Our continuous dedication and commitment to our craft are what separates us from others. We strive to be the only HVAC contractor you will ever need so that when you hire Billy HVAC for services. We are confident that we will always deliver what is expected of us. Whether you are in need of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services we got you covered.

We are proud of our reputation for always putting our customers first and finishing the job correctly, every single time. Need an AC Repair in Sugar Land? Installation? Replacement? Or simply just maintenance? Give us a call at or book an appointment online so we can help you achieve the comfort you need.

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Our own Certified Technician. For each of the installation work we carry out we send out our own professional technicians. Thus we have control of the entire work process. We are a leading company in heating and cooling. Professional AC Repair Sugar Land TX have been providing the homes and businesses of thousands of people with practical and efficient solutions for more than 20 years. We make comfortable happen!

Detailed and free estimate. It is our first commitment to you. Our work is based on honesty and this begins with the elaboration of a personalized budget, which takes into account all the technical details and particular needs; there are no subsequent surprises neither in price nor results. We work to offer you to the solution that best suits your situation

Qualified company. Our company is qualified to perform all sorts of services you need, for the installation of air conditioning equipment, projects, legalizations, as well as approved for the installation of ducts and forced extraction systems from garages according to new and updated regulations.

Delivery of informative material. Because we are not only limited to carrying out the necessary installation. We also accompany it with informative material about the work we carried out, We are transparent to our clients and tell them everything they need to know about the services they need and the condition of their Air Conditioning system. We do a complete and thorough inspection of your unit as well as the certifications it has.

Need Installation? Here at Professional AC Repair Sugar Land we are always ready. You can call our number or fill up the contact form


We know how uncomfortable it is for an HVAC system to fail, especially when it comes to your home where you rest. Even so to your workplace. That is why Professional AC Repair Sugar Land offers customers the best quality of equipment and also a safe installation and maintenance thereof, based on the values of honesty, humility and excellence in which we stand for.

Before deciding on the total replacement of the equipment, it is always advisable to assess a complete thorough inspection of the situation of the machines and device. From there we can discuss and decide what service do you need based off from the initial assessment. We do not carry out any services without your approval. Honesty and integrity is one of our core values and that is why we have such a high referral rate from our previous customers from their friends and family. Just read our reviews!

At Professional AC Repair Sugar Land we offer a repair service that responds to our work philosophy: honesty and professionalism. Therefore, you can be confident and have no doubt of the services that we have to offer.


Imagine that you hire an air conditioning maintenance service and after a few weeks after doing so, it begins to fail. What do you do? You call them back, You come to find one of these two cases: either they do not know how to fix it or the price of the repair is excessively expensive. Fortunately, You have Professional AC Repair Sugar Land to lean on. We will do whatever is best in your situation. Whether that is financially or simply fixing your air conditioning system.

Do you know how many clients come to us with a problem of this type? Practically daily. Why? Because they have entrusted their valuable facilities and assets to someone who, in the beginning, offered them a very low budget, they bet on it, but they did not realize that for that price it would be impossible to have a responsible and quality service as it should and that It can only be made profitable by using a very low-cost organization, staff, and materials. The Result? reduced comfort, increased consumption, avoidable breakdowns, non-compliance with regulations, and premature aging of the facilities. So in the end they run to us to come to fix what should’ve already been fixed the first time and today they are our most loyal customers.

At Professional AC Repair Sugar Land TX we are always honest with our clients. We care about analyzing each case in detail and we provide solutions and services in which the professionalism of our employees and the quality of the equipment and materials used to prevail, with the aim of affordability and comfort to the facilities that we carry out. We maintain our results because we do our homework right and we can assure you that your unit will be working with the best optimal performance. The work is never done if you are not satisfied with our service. We want you to be happy as much as we want you to enjoy the comfort you deserve.



"We recently purchased a newly constructed house in Sugar Land, TX. We had constant issues with the ac unit only to found out it was not properly installed when we bought the house. I called insurance and I was referred to Bill at Professional AC Repair Sugar Land. He sent two technicians and came on time to do the repair. They were very prompt and courteous. Even wore a mask and had their boots covered while inside the house. When it was done. They gave me a full verbal report. I hope you send the same technicians next time"​

Cynthia Reed
Home Owner

"Our maintenance guy is John. He's handled our office location for several years and we have complete confidence in him to make sure everything is running smoothly as well as proactively performing monthly check ups on our ac system. John's our guy ever since and never regret it! I highly recommend Pro AC Repair Sugar Land and Bill the owner, the way he runs his business and treats his people is a reflection of his leadership. They are great people. Honest and reliable.​"

Mike Sheffer
Local Business Owner

"I called them about my AC not being able to cool our house enough. The person who answered the phone was very polite and gave a quick advise on how to reset the temperature controller. However, after trying there was still a need for a technician to check it out. The next day two person came. John and Dave who explained everything to me were both exceptional. They even gave me a few tips and tricks in case something like this happened again. Easily the best experience i ever had with an AC repair company in Sugar Land"

Meghan Jacobs

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